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Muskurake Dekh Zara

April 6, 2010

Muskurake Dekh Zara is the upcoming Bollywood venture directed and produced by Som Shekhar. This movie is going to hit the theaters in April 16th along with the movies Phoonk 2 and Paathashaala.

Story of this movie revolves around Vivek (Gashmeer Mahajani). Some unusual situations forces him to move to Mumbai from his native place. In Mumbai he falls in love with Preeti (Twinkle Patel). His intelligence and timing makes his friends to treat him as hero. Preeti also falls to him.

While every thing going well, this brilliant boy faces some problems what are they and how he has solved those is the rest of story.

This movie has no proper cast and also new director. But it has some positive vibrations and also a category is awaiting for this film. Main reason behind those is nothing but Anurag Kashyap. Anurag Basu has narrated the script to this film.


Ek Second… Jo Zindagi Badal De? (2010)

April 6, 2010

Ek Second… Jo Zindagi Badal De? (2010) is the Bollywood movie set to release on April 23rd. This is the first movie to Manisha Koirala after 2 years. Partho Ghosh has directed this movie. Hollywood thriller Sliding Doors which was super hit in 1998 is the inspiration to this film.

Rashi (Manisha Koirala) is a woman who is engaged to a writer called Vikram Sehgal. Vikram Sehga is also a womanizer. How Rashi uncovers his true identity is the interesting in the film. Train catching scenes are very important to the film. This movie is targeted on the audience who likes Hollywood style of movies on them only.

Jackie Shroff , Aman Varma, Rozzaq Catalano and Nikita Anand are the other lead cast to this thriller.


April 6, 2010

Housefull is the upcoming Bollywood comedy movie starring Akshay Kumar in the lead role. This is the first release to Akshay Kumar in 2010. From last 5 months he hasn’t released even a single movie. So his fans are very hungry for his film. He is coming with his lucky genre comedy so, every one is confident about the movie success.

Sajid Khan who has earlier worked with Akshay Kumar for the movie Heyy Babyy is the director to this movie. Sajid Nadiadwala is the producer. Story revolves around Arushi (Akshay Kumar) who is the most unluckiest fellow in the world. He believes that, he will become lucky guy if he catch true love. How he got the true love is interesting.

Deepika Padukone, Lara Dutta, Jiah Khan are the female leads. Chunkey Pandey, Arjun Rampal, Ritesh Deshmukh are the other lead cast. Malaika Arora and Jackqeline Fernandez were danced in item numbers.

Bumm Bumm Bole

April 6, 2010

Bumm Bumm Bole is the upcoming venture of Priyadarshan set to release on May 7th. This remake to Iranian film Children Of Heaven which got the Oscar nomination in 1997. Story essays the sensitive feelings of two small children.

Khogiram (Atul Kulkarni) is a poor guy who has very less income. He lives in a terrorists effected area. He is fully irritated with his life and the situations around him. He decides to give good life to his children Pina (Darsheel Safari ) and Rim Zim (Jia).

He joins them in a costly school and provides good education. But Pina and Rim Zim not matches to the high society people in the school. One day because of Pina, Rim Zim looses her shoes. They scares to reveal it to their father. Pina finds a temporary solution for that, later he gets chance to solve it permanently. What is that, what he did for his sweet sister is the rest of story.

Rituparn Sengupta
will appear as wife to Atul Kulkarni.

Hum Tum Aur Ghost

March 24, 2010

Hum Tum Aur Ghost is the upcoming Bollywood movie. This movie will hit the theaters on March 26th 2010. Arshad Warsi has narrated the story and screenplay and also played the lead role. Kabeer Kaushik is the director.

Arman (Arshad Warsi) and Gehna (Dia Mirza) are in deep love. Every one around them feels they are the perfect couple. Every thing goes well until a tragedy striking. Arman watches some ghosts and also starts communicating with them. Now one around is able watch this ghosts and also hears the words of ghosts.

Gehna thinks some thing wrong with Arman and leaves him. Why the ghosts are following Arman and why he only able watch them and how he win back his love is the rest of story.

This movie have the competition at the Box Office from the movies like Mittal Vs Mittal, Prem Ka Game, My Friend Ganesha3.

My Friend Ganesha3

March 24, 2010

My Friend Ganesha3 is an animated movie set to release on March 26th. Story revolves around a helpless child who prays god Vinayaka. This movie will hit the theaters on March 26th

Ganya has no parents but have huge property. His aunt and uncle are with him. Their eyes are always on the property only but not takes care of Ganya. One day he escapes from the home. Gangu takes this innocent kid to her home an provides lot of love to him.

But tragedy strikes again, his aunt and uncle catches him. Then he starts praying his favorite god Ganesha. Ganesha came on to the earth for him ? then what he did is the rest of story.

Rahul Pendkalkar, Shayaji Shinde and Eva Grover the other lead cast in this movie. This movie have to fight with Mittal Vs Mittal, It’s Man’s World and Prem Ka Game to win the Box Office.

Prem Kaa Game

March 24, 2010

Prem Kaa Game is the upcoming Bollywood movie. Arbaj Khan has played the titles role in this film. Ashok Kheny is the director to this film. Its his first movie to this young director. Tara Sharma and Madhuri Bhattacharya are the female leads to this romantic drama.

Prem Sahani (Arbaaz Khan)  and wife Sheetal (Tara Sharma) are a happy couple with a beautiful daughter. Every thing goes well between Sheetal and Prem until a beautiful model Twinkle (Madhuri Bhattacharya) joining as their neighbor. Then the game starts. Prem attracts to the charms of Twinkle. He forgot his old roots or not is the rest of story.

This movie will hit the screens on March 26th 2010. Salman Khan, Malaika Arora Khan are the other lead cast to this film.


January 13, 2010

Rann (2010) is the  first release to Ramgopal Varma in 2010.This year he has many prestigious release including this movie. Rann will release on January 29th. Its the movie targeted on the News Channels. Ram Gopal Varma has spent 30crores on this film.

Amitahbh Bachchan is going to appear in a powerful role after long gap. Neetu Chandra is the female lead.Paresh Rawal, Kannada star hero Sudeep and Ritesh Deshmukh will appear in other lead roles.
Accept the media back drop, nothing came out about this film. Ram Gopal Varma is maintaining very low profile, but this film gained much required hype because of the controversies.


November 16, 2009

Kurbaan this the crime action movie from Karan Johar. Renzil D’silva has directed the movie, he was writer for sensational movie Rang De Basanti. Kurbaan is set to release on November 20th.

Due to many reasons this movie is in news from last two months. Major one is the stills of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. This real life lovers did never seen romance onscreen also.

This is a movie with terrorism backdrop. Saif Ali Khan has played the role called Ehsaan who traps an Indian girl called Avanthika (Kareena Kapoor) and marries her. Ehsaan (Saif Ali Khan) is terrorist but he hides his true identity from Avanthika and survives as professor.

Avanthika comes to know about his planning to hijack an Aeroplane. But Ehsaan house arrests her and moves to do his job. Riyaaz (Vivek Oberoi) is the passenger in the aeroplane.

According to the news from Bollywood circles, movie has never seen action episodes. Lets wait to see the sensations of Kurbaan. Dia Mirza is another lead cast in the movie.

Sankat City

June 16, 2009

Sankat City is a Bollywood movie scheduled to release on June 26th 2009. K.K Menon who is always ready to do different roles is agoing to play a comic role in this movie. Pankaj Advani is going to make his debut with this movie.


Guru (Kay.Kay.Menon) is a small time thief. His friend Ganapati (Dilip Prabhavalkar) is a mechanic. Guru steals the cars and gives them to Ganapathi. Ganapathi remodels the cars and sells them. One day Guru and Ganapathi find ten million rupees in a car, which was stolen by Guru.

But later they comes to know that money belongs to a gangster. Ganapati hides the money and losses his memory in an accident. How Guru overcomes all these problems is the remaining.

Anupam Kher and Rahul Dev is going to appear in negative roles. Rimi Sen is the female lead for this movie. Director Pankaj Advani has said that, he filled this entire movie with comedy stuff. Present comedy movies receiving good response, so this movie have chances to collect some good share.